If you look at our press page, you would probably think that Shoeboxed has gotten very lucky when it comes to free publicity in the press. After all, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch and many other large publications have written about us over the years. As you can expect, great press not only gave us free publicity and tons of new traffic, but it also has helped us look more legitimate to potential customers and investors, allowed us to recruit the best talent, and helped land some great partnerships.

Free Publicity - How to Get Free Press for Your Business

Today, we have a confession to make: Our press coverage wasn’t luck at all. It took some work, but it’s work that you can easily do too. Recently, our Founder and CEO shared our experiences with a crowd of 900 at SydStart in Sydney, Australia. You can download the full presentation here.

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s no way it can work!”  “I’m not interesting enough!” “I don’t have any PR experience!” “Free publicity? Nothing is free!”

We’ve heard that before. Heck, at first we even believed it ourselves! But after being successful with good press, and talking to other startups that have been as well, we realized  these are all common misconceptions. In fact, we start the presentation with a list:

5 common startup / small business PR misconceptions

  • You need a pricey PR firm ($10k and up) or freelancer to do it.
  • It is out of reach for the average founder.
  • Reporters are capricious so doing PR requires tons of luck.
  • You are not interesting enough.
  • Good press = blasting press releases or using wire services.

The key insight that Taylor talks about in his presentation is pretty simple: If you want a reporter to write a news story about you, all you need to do is make their job easier for them. Want to know how to get free publicity and help your fellow man? Download the presentation!

Stay organized, and see you on the front page of the NY Times soon!