Geezeo, a free personal finance web application, has redesigned their website and launched several new features to help its users manage their money better today. We think many of you will find Geezeo to be a useful service.

Geezeo, which allows you to track spending goals and manage your credit card and bank accounts, is a good way to get on top of your finances if you have trouble keeping everything under control; it’s also a good time saver if you’re already in the habit! By moving everything into one read-only account, you can control your money and make sure you are staying on the path toward personal financial health.
Here’s what they say on their website:

Geezeo helps people make “Educated Financial Decisions.” The team at Geezeo believes that cutting edge financial tools and services don’t need to come with a high price tag. Geezeo is a free web-based personal finance application that makes it easy to track all your finances, see where all your money is going, set financial goals and learn from others.

You can use Geezeo to track your bank account activity and set and track your financial goals. You can also leverage the community aspect of Geezeo to get a little extra help. By interacting with other users and the Geezeo admins on the site, you can learn how to best manage your money and learn helpful tips that may help you reach your financial goals.

Use Geezeo to track all your bank accounts, set and track financial goals, stay on a budget and collaborate with others about financial situations important to you.

Using Shoeboxed with sites like Geezeo can give you a 360-degree view of your spending. With your item-level spending information and important records on Shoeboxed and the rest of your personal finance information on a site like Geezeo, you’ll know exactly where your money is going and you’ll be able to start saving money and spending smart.

With Shoeboxed’s new API, we hope to integrate with other financial sites, so that your receipts can play a bigger role in your personal finance strategy. If there are any developers out there that would be interested in working on such an integration, send us an email at