When you are thinking about how to best organize your business cards, you may be tempted to buy a scanner to do it yourself.

Sure, you could buy a scanner for your business cards and scan them in yourself. There are even scanners that have optical character recognition technology that “read” your business cards and guess what the contact information on the business cards is.

But let’s face it: this OCR technology is not all that great. For many business cards, you’ll be going in and manually editing the information that the software guessed because it missed something, guessed incorrectly, or filled in information in the wrong fields.

This is especially true for non-traditional business cards, like, well, mine. And our bank’s. Shoeboxed and Square 1 Bank have business cards that would not be read by traditional OCR technology, but are processed perfectly with Shoeboxed!

Would Not Be Processed with Traditional OCR

Because of the diagonal writing, traditional OCR software would not be able to read this receipt. For that, you need Shoeboxed Mail-In. Send in business cards, and a combination of OCR and human quality assurance will make sure that all your information is correct.

Business Card that would not be processed by OCR alone

Because of the vertical writing and the square design, business cards from Square 1 Bank are not processed correctly with consumer-level OCR technology that comes with some scanners.
Shoeboxed solves this problem by using a combination of OCR and human quality assurance. That way, you have the most accurate information possible about your business card contacts. And our human QA is done right here in Durham, NC, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing lowering the quality!