Craig Reber wrote a great story in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald that just makes me want to use Shoeboxed even more. Of course, I am a Receipt Mail-In user so I manage to get pretty much all of my receipts scanned into my Shoeboxed account online. But I usually just use Shoeboxed as a way to keep track of my personal budgeting.

Craig points out some interesting facts in his article that really highlight why Shoeboxed can be good for insurance reasons as well.

“You should have a list of all of your property that you consider valuable,” said Cpl. Dan Sabers, of the Dubuque Police Department.

Dubuque police officers routinely locate property that they can’t return to the owner because of a lack of identifiable documentation: name, model, serial number and any other identifiable markings. Sabers emphasizes the importance of documenting valuable items, whether it’s a bicycle, a power tool or big-screen television. And it’s a lot easier to document possessions before suffering a loss from a burglary, fire, tornado or other disaster. It’s as easy as making a list in a notebook and saving sales receipts.

Sabers estimates that only about 5 percent to 10 percent of the population documents valuable possessions.

Along with written information, the Insurance Information Institute recommends that people consider adding photographs of their possessions, which can be done easily with a digital camera. Those with film cameras can scan print photos or have their film developer save the images to a disk. You can store the print photos with a copy of your inventory.

Well, funny story. Shoeboxed lets you do all of this. It’s a great tool to keep your receipts so you can prove you own something that was lost or damaged. Shoeboxed also allows you to add photos of items that you own. Just upload the receipt, and then you can attach items to them and add photos and notes. Never lose out on getting compensated if your belongings are stolen or damaged!