“Have a bias for action. A good plan implemented with vigor is better than a perfect plan, which won’t get implemented at all because you are still perfecting it. ‘Ready fire aim’ may not sound like sound advice, but to an extent it is!”

– Joe Bedford

shoeboxed user joe bedford
Joe & Jill Bedford, Owners/Operators of Hausfrau Housecleaning

Those wise words came to us from the winner of the Small Business Real Talk contest!

Joe’s entry was chosen by our panel of judges as the best piece of advice for small business owners that are just starting out. Joe is set up with one free year of premium service from Shoeboxed, and he plans to use it to store all of the important receipts and tax documents for his company, Hausfrau Housecleaning.

We sat down with Joe for a quick chat about owning a small business, getting organized and more.

Shoeboxed: How did you first hear about Shoeboxed, and why did you sign up?

Joe: I have been using Shoeboxed for years now. I do not remember exactly where I first heard about it, but it was probably online somewhere after searching for ideas on how to tame the never-ending tide of paper documents that still exist in today’s digital world.

SBX: So, we know you’re a small business owner. Tell us a bit about your company!

JB: Hausfrau Housecleaning, residential and commercial housecleaning.  I am currently considering starting a small import/export business on the side.

SBX: How did you launch your first business?

JB: On a shoestring. While working a “real job” full time, then part time, I started walking neighborhoods myself distributing flyers, and praying that the phone would ring. It did.

SBX: What’s the best thing about being a small business owner?

JB: The freedom, no doubt. And I don’t have to worry about getting laid off.

SBX: How do you stay organized and keep your business organized?

JB: Take a little time each day to keep things shipshape, rather than letting them get away from you. Constantly have your eyes open for tools to make things easier, automate the process, cut down on the “friction” in your routines.

SBX: That’s great advice. So how are you going to use your free year of Shoeboxed?

JB: See above! We generate a lot of receipts that have to be sorted and stored for tax reasons. Shoeboxed takes a task that I have to do and allows me to get it done in the least possible amount of time. Because you guys are doing almost all of the heavy lifting for me! This frees me up to spend that time on higher-value tasks.

SBX: Thanks for sharing, Joseph! We hope that Hausfrau Housecleaning continues to grow, and we’re honored that Shoeboxed has helped to speed that growth.

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Stay Organized,
The Shoeboxed Team