Over here at Shoeboxed, we’ve always been dedicated to the personal approach. We talk with users face-to-face, over the phone, and via e-mail everyday. We recognize how important it is to give you whatever help you need to get the most out of our service.

For a while there, all the calls that came into Shoeboxed forwarded to my personal cell phone. That resulted in some VERY early mornings, which I guess is understandable when you consider that Shoeboxed users organize receipts from all over the world, across time zones.

I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time answering e-mails from everyone who sends us one. We have a lot of users, and even a small percentage of them e-mailing us can be a heavy load, but I’ve always really enjoyed interacting with the people that use our service.

As we’ve grown, though, the volume of people contacting us–for whatever reason, from people who forgot their passwords, to people who want to tell us that we’ve come up with “the single most incredible idea I’ve ever heard” (Nic from Mississippi)–has greatly increased over time.

In order to offer the same personalized responses that you all have come to love, we are upgrading to a state-of-the-art support system, so that you can have the best possible Shoeboxed experience. We should be rolling this out over the next couple of days. Please feel free to keep contacting us at help@team.shoeboxed.com!