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With Shoeboxed there has never been one “best” way to use our service to stay organized. And after processing over a billion dollars of expense data since 2007, we say that from years of firsthand experience!

Shoeboxed takes enormous pride in serving clients from around the country and across the globe, all of whom use our service in a myriad of ways to fulfill a whole host of organizational needs in both their personal and professional lives.

Today’s post features Marcey Rader, founder of!

Aside from being an entrepreneur, personal trainer, triathlete, coach and blogger, Marcey is also one of our local Shoeboxed users! We were lucky enough to have her join us in our office last week to kick off our new user success video series.

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Author: Michael Hourigan

Often referred to as "the longest standing intern at Shoeboxed," Michael is a native North Carolinian who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. He is an avid golfer, skier and novice bird watcher. When he is not developing marketing campaigns, Michael enjoys binge watching WWII documentaries on Netflix.