If you haven’t sent them out already, many of you have probably already begun planning for sending out holiday cards for this year.

Though sending out holiday cards is a nice thing to do and common tradition in our culture, sending them out also represents an opportunity to tastefully market your business to your friends, family, and professional contacts.

Include a business card with your holiday card

By including marketing materials in your holiday cards with a personal note, you can make sure that your contacts have information about your company but they still can appreciate your consideration of them this holiday season. A business card can be the perfect way to include a mention of your business and your contact information in your holiday cards. A business card is also subtle enough so you will avoid making people feel like they are being marketed to.

The last day to mail out letters, cards and packages to make sure they are delivered by Christmas is December 17, according the USPS website. The day after Thanksgiving is typically considered the first day that it is appropriate to send out cards, so if you start now, you have plenty of time and avoid seeming obnoxiously early.

So remember, stick a business card in those holiday cards, and get them out before December 17!