Home, Sweet Home

Some people subscribe to the theory that human beings need exercise and regular time spent outdoors to lead a healthy, happy life. Here at shoeboxed, we are working hard to prove that theory wrong.

Personally, I have not gone more than 100 feet away from our apartment building since Thursday. It’s now Sunday. I’m not the only one who has forgotten what fresh air is, either—Tee has been programming nonstop for 48 hours, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t left the apartment once during that time. Actually, I don’t think he could leave if he wanted to because his legs have forgotten how to walk more than five feet at a time. Dan, who chooses to work in the lounge rather than in a chair, is developing bedsores.

It’s just so tough to remember trivial little things like “eating,” “sleeping,” or “moving around occasionally to keep circulation going in your extremities” when you’re working this hard on something you care about. As far as I’m concerned, though, typing is a legitimate form of exercise. Who needs legs, anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, though; it’s great here. Seriously. All this time spent working on the site has helped us come together as a team and stay on the same page for everything. We have made amazing progress in the past few days, much of which would not have happened if we were not living together. I think it really speaks to our teamwork abilities and dedication to shoeboxed that we have all been able to live and work in a single apartment without killing each other. Of course, there are still two more roommates who haven’t gotten here yet…