Have you noticed that receipts are getting longer and longer these days? It seems that retailers are willing to print anything on a receipt in addition to actually listing the things you bought and how much they cost. Coupons, promotions, surveys, product recommendations, and just plain empty space make receipts exceptionally long sometimes.

The Charlotte Observer wrote an article about it here.

This obviously annoying; let me count the ways.

1. It’s really wasteful. Think of the trees, people.
2. It’s inefficient. It just makes it harder for you to scan your receipts to find the total and the item prices. Instead, you have to study the receipt to actually find the info you want.
3. It’s cumbersome. It bothers me when I can’t fit a receipt into my wallet. There shouldn’t be too many receipts that are longer than my wallet, but I often end up folding them up two or three times. When I eventually put them in my Receipt Mail-In envelope, I have to spend a few seconds flattening them out. Hey, well at least it’s still easier than scanning them myself.

Shoeboxed is well equipped to deal with long receipts. There is no limit to the size of your scanned receipt images, so they can be large enough to have your whole receipt in there with a high enough resolution to make it readable. Also, the receipt scanners we use for Receipt Mail-In can scan receipts that are more than 3 feet long, so we can handle most any receipt that you send us.

The article does make a prediction though about the future of receipt lengths:

If you haven’t noticed a difference at the checkout counter, keep your eyes peeled. Mounting environmental concerns mean that receipts are likely to shrink further.

Let’s hope they’re right!