Nobody likes an identity thief; that’s for sure. Everybody loves to see an identity thief go down in flames, but pretending you are someone else to steal money has been an increasingly common crime over the last ten years. Thankfully, we have all become more aware of common scams, and we know more ways to protect ourselves. Reporting lost credit cards, shredding all sensitive documents, and keeping your computer secure are just some of the simple protections that everyone should be doing.

One thing that continues to surprise me is how often criminals try to use other people’s credit cards. It’s not a particularly easy thing to pull off, as you leave a digital trail of all your activities; After a while, the cops won’t have any problem finding you.

But some criminals aren’t even smart enough to let the cops catch up to them. A man in Iowa City recently signed his own name on one of the credit card receipts he got after using a stolen credit card. Being an identity theft is stupid, but giving away your real identity while you’re doing it is another story.

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