How the Google Apps Marketplace Will Revolutionize Small Business

The launch of the new Google Apps Marketplace, which will allow Google Apps users (mainly small businesses) instant access to dozens of useful new applications to help support and grow their companies, has been making big waves in the news. I believe, however, that there is an even more interesting story that has yet to be explored. Google’s exciting announcement just serves as further evidence that a growing trend is taking place: there is an unprecedented merger between small businesses and technology that will help revolutionize and revitalize our economy. This is a trend story that speaks to the very future of American business and the role technology and SAAS will play.

Even a few years ago, entrepreneurs and small business owners had very limited, expensive resources for supporting their companies’ necessary operations.

“Years ago, a small business owner had to do many things by hand and rely on clumsy expensive desktop software to run their business,” said Taylor Mingos, CEO and Founder of “Now, there are a wealth of internet-based, interconnected apps like Shoeboxed that are leveraging technology to let small business owners focus more on growing their business, and less on administrative hassles like keeping track of expenses, invoicing clients, keeping the books, or issuing payroll.”

And now, with the Google Apps Marketplace, access to the services of companies like Shoeboxed is only a single click away. In a brilliant move, Google has built upon a movement that has been creating a stir over the past year, manifested by the Small Business Web. Founded a year ago by Shoeboxed, BatchBlue, Freshbooks, Outright, and MailChimp and now consisting of over 70 companies, the mission of the Small Business Web is to create “a movement to bring together like-minded, customer-obsessed software companies to integrate our respective products and make life easier for small businesses.”

Now, Google has taken that mission to a whole new level.

Many publications have been covering the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace and how it fits in to Google’s larger strategy. However, it is important not to miss the forest for the trees. The Google Apps Marketplace is just a milestone in a much bigger movement sweeping the nation: small businesses are tapping into innovative, inexpensive technology solutions to grow their businesses and revitalize the economy.

What are your thoughts about this exciting new trend?