Being your own mobile bookkeeper means keeping track of your small business’s finances while you’re on the go. Tracking expenses while traveling, going to meetings and running errands prevents the buildup of paper clutter and allows everyone connected with your business to stay updated on the financial snapshots relevant to them.

Mobile bookkeeping is a cinch thanks to smartphone apps that allow you to track expenses while traveling, between meetings, or from anywhere with an Internet connection. Heck, we’ve even had Shoeboxed customers beaming receipts to their accounts from the middle of the ocean!

Here are 4 easy ways to become your own mobile bookkeeper.

Get the app

The key ingredient to mobile bookkeeping is the ability to track as you go. This means that your virtual bookkeeping assistant is accessible via your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Use cloud accounting apps for iPhone and Android to enter income and expenses in real time. For example, the Shoeboxed app allows you to capture paper receipts and instantly upload them to your account, eliminating the buildup of clutter.

Don’t procrastinate

Being a good mobile bookkeeper means tracking expenses as they come in, in real time.

Instead of collecting receipts and creating expense reports that will have to be tallied come tax time, mobile bookkeeping lets you dynamically update your totals as you go.

Uploading receipts as you get them and entering expenses as they’re incurred means you’ll never be left with a giant stack of hard copy (or virtual) paperwork at the end of the quarter.

Share the wealth

When you’re a mobile bookkeeper, sharing your books with clients, co-workers and tax professionals is a snap.

Other people can get an instant snapshot of your finances and expenses via reports that can be created with a single click. This allows everyone to be on the same page, and does wonders for maintaining your budget.

Go paperless

Paper is the archenemy of the savvy mobile bookkeeper and should be avoided at all costs.

Ask vendors for an eReceipt before they print anything out. If there is no eReceipt option available, use your Shoeboxed app to snap a photo of the receipt and beam it to your account. Then recycle the paper receipt and relish the weightlessness of a paper-free existence.

Being on-the-go doesn’t mean your greenified bookkeeping practices have to go out the window. A few accounting apps and consistent account updates are all you need to become an expert mobile bookkeeper.

How do you keep track of expenses when you’re on the go?

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