Organizing your life might be a daunting task (and require more than a blog article of advice). So we’ve decided to dedicate our Friday posts to biting off manageable chunks of life’s clutter and helping you get organized!


Organize Your To-Do List

The to-do list is a critical component to everyone’s daily productivity. In some form or another, everybody maps out what they need to accomplish. Whether it is in your head or the margins of a legal pad on your desk, its important that you actually have an idea of what needs to be taken care of!Organize your To-Do list

Creating an effective to-do list is just as important as executing the tasks on it.  And believe it or not, there is an art to it! Here are some considerations for your to-do list:

1)   Media for you

Your mom was right, you ARE special; and your to-do list should be too. Whether you use an app on your computer or phone or you keep a handwritten list at hand, you need to figure out the best thing for you. Something to consider: your list should be visible throughout the day and act as a constant reminder, so nothing can slip through the cracks.

2)   Don’t get ahead of yourself

Hold your horses, and organize a new to-do list each day. If you need to map out your week, do it. But only do it if it helps you write your daily to-do lists. The saying is ‘one day at a time’ for a reason. Why burden yourself with future tasks, when you already have plenty of tasks on your plate for the day. Also, things change throughout the day and your to-do list will have to adapt!

3)   Treat it as a schedule

It is important to integrate your to-do list into your calendar of events. So you have a super exciting staff meeting early in the afternoon? Your to-do list should have all of your morning tasks listed first.  This is also important for all tasks that have specific deadlines. It is also critical to organize the list with consideration to how long each task might take to accomplish.

4)   Nobody Likes a Line Jumper

Everything has to get accomplished anyway. So skipping around and doing the quick one-offs might be fun to cross off in the beginning, but then your list is scattered, and all that remains are your daunting tasks lumped together in the end. Write your list in an order that provides you with balanced breaks between tasks so you are less likely to take breaks during your tasks.

Some of these considerations overlap or might not mesh with your style; but this is your to-do list after all. What it comes down to is figuring our what works best for your productivity and workflow. So crank out you’re A-game, and dazzle everyone with an efficient and organized to-do list.