During the summer months when the birds are chirping and the pool is calling (or screaming) your name, it can be hard to muster up excitement for work.  When you’d rather be vacationing or spending time with friends and family, reports and spreadsheets can seem like the most unappealing things ever.  Until it’s time for your week of vacation to relax on the beach and forget about work, check out our tips to be happier in the office this summer.

1.  Wake up on the right side of the bed

Set your alarm for at least an hour before you need to leave the house for work.  This timeframe will allow you to mentally prepare for the day and have some time to yourself before spending all day in the office.  Read the paper, enjoy your breakfast and take a refreshing shower.  Take extra time to pick out an outfit that makes you feel professional and put together. When you look better, you feel better, and are more productive.

2.  Use your time wisely

Prioritizing your workload makes for a happier work experience.  When you’re overwhelmed with projects and don’t know what should be completed first, you’re more likely to sweat the small stuff.  At the beginning of every week (and the beginning of every day), set personal goals for yourself to break down work into more manageable segments. Also, remember to reward yourself with breaks after you reach one of your self-made goals.  You deserve it!

3.  Apply yourself

Work towards challenges to keep your brain working and to keep interest throughout the day.  Boredom is one of the top causes of dissatisfaction in the workplace.  You’ll feel better about being at work when you are seeing tangible results and know you are working for a beneficial reason.  Nobody likes doing busy work that has no payoff in the end, so avoid pointless tasks and stick to challenging projects.

4.  Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback will make you feel more motivated at work.  If you’re doing a great job on a project, hearing so from your supervisor will give you that extra push to continue doing your best.  Everyone likes to hear that they’re succeeding at their job!  Constructive criticism helps work performance as well, because then you’ll know exactly what is expected of you and how to improve your work.  Self-analysis and feedback from customers will help you enjoy your work experience too!

5.  Keep your workspace organized

What better way to keep your mind organized than to keep your desk organized?  Everyone works better when they’re in a positive workspace. When you know where everything is it’s easier to complete tasks, especially when you have multiple projects on your plate.  You just feel better when your office is tidy and a neat space keeps distractions at a minimum.

6.  Get a hobby

Having something you love to do outside of work will improve your day-to-day mood and will help you stay motivated at work.  When you’re happy about your life, you will be happier about spending time at work and have a better overall disposition.  Get your friends and co-workers to join in with your new activity so you can create better bonds and friendships. Your hobby or activity will also give you something to look forward to after work and is a great way to de-stress after a long day at the office.


Our last suggestion to stay happy at work this summer?  Smile!  With all of these suggestions and a smile on your face, we dare you to be unhappy for another minute!