It’s no secret how to maximize efficiency throughout the day – just spend less time completing each task on your to-do list.

But how are you supposed to spend less time and still get everything done?

Here at Shoeboxed, our favorite time-saving tips will have you leaving the office early with a spring in your step, confident that you’re the master of your productivity domain.

Stop checking your email

Thou shalt not maximize efficiency by checking your email every five minutes. Set aside a few minutes at the end of every hour to respond to or delete emails, and don’t let one of these sessions go by without actively doing something with each email. Simply reading the email without acting is a waste of precious time!

Turn off things that go DING

Isn’t it great how your smartphone alerts you every time anything happens online? Well, no– not when you’re trying maximize efficiency during the workday!

There’s no reason to get distracted every time a friend of a friend posts something on Facebook. Set aside time for social media, and silence notifications during the workday.

Get it out of the way

You know that thing you have to do today that you’re seriously dreading? Do it, and do it first thing in the morning. By getting it out of the way first thing, you’ll save precious mental energy that would have been spent procrastinating, dreading and putting it off.

Regulate social media usage

Even if you’re managing your small business’ social media accounts, it’s still much more efficient to set aside specific times for account updates. Get into the habit of updating your status and answering comments at the same times each day. Or, if you’re a serious social maven, at the same time each hour.

Prioritize your to-dos

Maximize efficiency by prioritizing your to-dos into have-tos and could-dos. If you’re having difficulty deciding what needs to be done first, compare each item to another item on the list.

If you could only do one thing, would you finish your invoicing or work on that new product design? The winner of that contest gets pitted against the next item on the list, and so on until you begin to see what’s really important to finish today and what can wait until tomorrow.

Increasing your efficiency throughout the day is all about remaining focused and following through on prioritized tasks that have been predetermined by you the day before.

If all else fails, just stop checking Facebook and watch your productivity go through the roof!

How do you maximize efficiency throughout your workday?

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