I Promise, We Returned the Shopping Cart

The shoeboxed team is ravenous. We go through an obscene amount of food. And because our refrigerator is smaller than my dorm room mini fridge, we are constantly making trips to the store to buy food to sustain our worker bees.

Take the other day for instance. Taylor asked me to go to the store with him, and since I wasn’t doing anything particularly pressing, I agreed to go. Little did I know that it would turn into a grocery adventure. Bread, apple sauce, spices, ground beef, cheese—you name it was flying into the cart. People were staring. Our little cart was overflowing with food that would probably be gone in a few days, but it was amazing to actually see the amount of food we actually needed in one pile.

Since all of our items would not fit on the conveyor belt, we had to get yet another cart. But here’s the kicker: Taylor and I physically couldn’t carry all the stuff to the apartment. Taylor looked at me and stated so matter-of-factly, “We’ll just have to bring the cart closer to the apartment.” He was serious.

And since crossing on the cross walk would have been too logical and easy, we decided that it would be better to cross in the middle of the road. There didn’t seem to be a clear break of cars to allow us to pass, so we just went for it. Bottles clanked and fell, but we successfully made it to Cory and Tim who stared in amazement at our spoils.

Altogether really embarrassing—but I finally have peanut butter and cheddar cheese. I won’t eat them together of course, but I have been looking for them everywhere. Guys: I will guard this like a troll so I won’t have to show my face in the grocery store for a while…