If the Shoe Fits

Cory has done an incredible job of documenting our progress on shoeboxed/our wacky adventures in Berlin, but I decided that I wanted to try my hand at this newfangled “blogging” whatsit and give Cory a break. Rather than going through the generic introduction process here, allow me to give you a stronger insight into my personality. Someone once told me that you can learn a lot about a person from their shoes. Well, here are mine:


These belong in a museum

Now, I’m not exactly sure what type of inferences you’re going to draw about me from these shoes. However, I do know that my mother, who has been trying to convince me to get new shoes since I was in high school, will be mortified to see that I posted a picture of these guys on the Internet. Sorry, Mom, but they deserve some recognition.

These flip-flops have stuck with me through thick and thin. Although they may be a little more on the thin (read: practically nonexistent) side now, they are still just about the only shoes I wear. Between flyering, grocery shopping, and trying to find reliable Internet, I have probably racked up about 50 miles worth of walking on these babies just within the past week.

Every single member of the shoeboxed team has given me grief about my shoes at some point. Ironically, these same people have also complained of blisters and sore feet, which are problems I never experience. I always ask them if they want to borrow my shoes, but for some reason they just cringe. To them I say: Walk a mile in my shoes. I dare you.

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