Apple enthusiasts using iPhone and iPod Touches to access the Internet are making up a bigger portion of Internet users overall after spiking during the week of Christmas.

The iPhone’s browser markets share increased by 36% last week, according to Net Applications. Due in large part to the iPhone’s popularity as a Christmas present and the likelihood that veteran iPhone users browsed on their phones more while they were on vacation, this increase signals a victory for the mobile web, which took big strides in become mainstream in 2008.

It Appears Many People Got iPhones For Christmas
It Appears Many People Got iPhones For Christmas

Apple’s iPhone may be a big part of the increased consumer confidence in the mobile web, as it features a sleek interface, a relatively usable browser compared to other smart phones and a unique keyboard design. The BlackBerry Storm, which has touch feedback technology on its screen, just came out and promises to widen the mobile web usage in the United States as well.

The iPhone’s browser market share increased to 0.57% for the week ending Dec. 27, up 35.7% from a 0.42% share the week before. Competing against popular desktop browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, the iPhone still has not broken into mainstream usage, though these increase may point to increasing acceptance of the mobile web in the United States.

Alley Insider reports that they had a spike in iPhone traffic on their site on Christmas day, and many iPhone app developers reported spikes in sales on Christmas day, presumably as new users experimented with their new phones and the third-party applications available to download in Apple’s App Store. The National Spending Journal did not see a similar spike in traffic from iPhones or iPod Touches this week, however.