Not sure how to file your 1040? Well, you’re in luck. This Saturday, March 29, 2008, is Super Saturday, the name for the IRS’s new one-day outreach program. On this date, the IRS is willing to help and reward you in exchange for your 1040s.

The reason behind this unexpected generosity on the part of our government’s tax collectors is that those who benefit from Veteran Affairs, Social Security, and Railroad Retirement are finding that they must fill out 1040s on such sources of income, for the first time. If you are receiving $3,000 from any of these sources, you should head to the IRS website and find where they will be holding a clinic near you. The IRS has stationed 320 officers throughout the country. There will be help stations in every state and the District of Columbia. Since turnout is expected to be in the millions, mark it on your calendar now and plan an early morning visit to your generous new friend, the IRS.

If you are eligible, you can look forward to up to $300 reward – or up to $600 if you’re married – in what is being referred to as an “economic stimulus payment” by IRS commissioner Doug Shulman. Although I’m not sure what an “economic stimulus payment” does, I know that I wish I were eligible to receive one.