Life Without Nutrition or Internet

Since arriving in Berlin, it’s been Doeners, all day everyday. Okay, I’ve only been here for a day, but I’ve eaten at the Turkish Doener stand both meals. I make sure to get lettuce and tomato on mine so that’s it’s a well-rounded, healthy meal. Meanwhile, the wireless internet connection at the apartment is terrible. And we’re trying to start an internet website. There’s a problem there. It looks like several members of the team will have to go to one of the parks or train stations in the area with wi-fi this afternoon to get some research done. It’s unbelievably frustrating, but we’re working through it. We’re hoping to have a good connection by later today– and then we’ll be cruising. Last night we were forced to search for internet by dangling an antenna out the window of our 19th story apartment.

Finding Internet

Oh, the things we do for shoeboxed…