Over the years, the Shoeboxed support team has received countless customer requests asking us to add an expense reimbursement component to our service.

Our “Needs Reimbursement” tagging feature has served as a good work-around, but we know that it’s nowhere near a complete solution.

fetch-screenshotThat’s why we have spent the past five months building Fetch. Fetch (by Shoeboxed) is the employee reimbursement app you’ve been waiting for.

Fetch has none of the cumbersome bells and whistles or extra hoops to jump through of other “expense reporting” apps.

In fact, Fetch has gotten rid of expense reports altogether.

Employees snap pictures of and categorize their receipts and admins approve and pay the expenses back through the app. Simple as that.

We could dedicate this whole post to Fetch’s features and telling you how easy it is to use, but we’d rather you see for yourself.

If you have an iOS device and are interested in trying out Fetch, please visit fetch-submitFetchMoney.com and provide us some info so we can get you setup!

We really don’t have any ‘limitations’ regarding who can Beta test and who cannot. That’s one of the beautiful things about the app.

We are working on an Android version and expect to have it available for Beta testing in January 2017.

We can’t wait to have you all help us make Fetch happen! Wink, wink.