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From the coffee maker in your break room to the computer you’re using to read this blog post, you likely rely on a lot of things, particularly energy-consuming things, to run your business. The administrative tasks associated with buying, insuring, using, and maintaining these things can be tedious, time-consuming work. Fortunately, a free online tool called MyEnergyThings now offers an easier way for you to keep track of important information related to all of your things, helping you save time, money and energy.

To put it simply, MyEnergyThings helps you keep track of all of your things. It gives you a centralized place to store the answers to important questions about your business’ machinery, appliances and electronics including how much your things cost, where you bought them, when you bought them, when their warranties expire, whom to contact with questions, when they were last serviced and when they need to be serviced next. The app’s helpful email reminders keep you apprised of key dates like looming service appointments or warranty expirations while the transactions tool makes it easy to record and track the costs associated with each thing. It also allows you to store important records like receipts, warranties, service tickets, manuals, insurance records and other documents for your things, and MET’s slick integration with Shoeboxed makes getting these documents into their system a breeze (see instructions below).

Besides making it easier for you to manage all of your energy-consuming assets, MET can also help you track and analyze how much energy your things consume thanks to its ever-growing database of energy usage stats. While your utility bill contains information about how much energy you consumed overall, it offers little in the way of how and where that energy was consumed. Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make informed decisions about your things, like when it might be time to replace your dinosaur of a printer with a newer, more energy efficient model, so you can take action to conserve resources.

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How to import receipts into MyEnergyThings from Shoeboxed:
1.) Log in to your account
2.) Go to the My Categories page
3.) Create a new category under the name MET with the description
4.) On the All Receipts page, select the receipts that you want to export then use the Actions drop-down menu to add them to the MET category
5.) Log in to your account
6.) Go to the My Account page and click Add New Service to add Shoeboxed
7.) Click Import Receipts>>Start Import. That’s it!

Author: Caitlin Hourigan

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