MTV: Please Love Shoeboxed

About a week ago, I got an email announcing that MTV’s The Real World would be casting in Durham today. After reading Dave Eggers’ A Heartbreak Work of Staggering Genius, in which he tells a tremendously entertaining account of his attempt to get on The Real World, I had always secretly wanted to try out.

I by no means fall into a specific stereotype that would be of any interest to MTV for this kind of show, but the casting was taking place literally across the street, so I decided to meander on over there and check it out.

Shoeboxed at MTV Casting Call

Alex Klein, a Shoeboxed product development master, came with me to survey the scene and take some pictures. The process was kind of strange, but definitely worth it since it finally gave me the inside info on how Real World auditions work. I had to fill out a pretty generic form that asked questions like “What is your most embarassing moment?” and “What are you most passionate about?” but I managed to write Shoeboxed on it a few times, so hopefully it was worth it for marketing purposes at least. I hope some MTV intern looks at my application a month from now and then goes to Shoeboxed. That would definitely make my day.

Shoeboxed at MTV Casting Call

Anyway, after filling out my application, I had a group interview with 9 other contestants and 2 casting directors. It was all very weird: they asked us about the upcoming presidential election and then encouraged us to tell us what we thought about cheating in a relationship. I was confused.

Needless to say, I’m not expecting a call back, but I’d be happy to be on the show! Hey MTV, want to come to the Shoeboxed office? We’d make a great story for ya!

One thought on “MTV: Please Love Shoeboxed”

  1. While we were waiting for Dan to get interviewed, we were directed to the free Monster energy drinks. I was told that “drinking one in a minute or less would have interesting effects.” I came close, but 90 seconds proved to be my fastest.

    Apparently using those extra 30 seconds was ok, because I was bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day. Doing what, you ask? Planning our next cool features…

    Make Shoeboxed a part of your balanced breakfast,


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