My Body’s Falling Apart

Yes I did dress up in a huge box to spread the news and to create some hype. I mean, it seemed like a funny idea at the time. We need people to be as excited as we are about shoeboxed. However, I don’t really think our crazy American humor translated too well into German. All I can say is this — we may or may not be allowed back into a certain German university for a very long time…

But honestly, they’ll find out sooner or later about shoeboxed, and what better way to discover the online revolution than with a misplaced American girl in a beat up brown box yelling incoherent German phrases? Can you think of anything? Neither can I.

What’s even crazier is that I believe in this idea so much that I am willing to sacrifice my feet to canvas Berlin. I have probably covered most of Berlin on foot and consequently covered my feet with blisters. As I write this with both of my legs elevated waiting on several different trays of ice in the freezer, I am struggling to put my new knee brace on. Honestly, it sounds worse than it really is, but I have had a bad knee for years and its really annoying at crucial times. After a long day in Berlin, I stopped by a large department store to pick up this brace, and although it took three shopping attendants to figure out what the heck I was talking about, I had the brace in hand and went to the cashier. Luck would have it that I didn’t have enough cash (and people here are very pushy at the check out line) so I handed her my credit card, which I am pretty sure is maxed out by now… It’s nice to know I won’t have to worry about that kind of thing once shoeboxed is around.