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The old statistics page that we had on the site had so much potential. It was a tool that could tell you where your money was going without really spending any of your time crunching the numbers in Excel. Or at least that’s what we wanted it to be. We’ve been thinking about how to make that page more useful for you, and we’re rolling out a new My Stats page today.

It’ prettier, it’s more in depth, and it’s a lot more useful. You can now track lots of different things on that page. You can identify trends in your spending, like where your money is going, and how that distribution changes over time. When you are digitizing all your receipts in Shoeboxed, some very interesting information surfaces. Here are some examples from my personal account:

My total spending over time

You can see the spike where I bought my computer. Otherwise, I stay pretty cheap… until recently.

All Receipts included in budget

The breakdown of my spending by shoebox

Most of my money is from food, which I guess makes sense, but I had never really thought about it before Shoeboxed told me. Also, that computer comes back with a blue vengeance.

How your spending is broken up

The ratio of email to paper receipts I have

I buy a lot of things online, even though I get a fair amount in through Receipt Mail-In. I had a lot of email receipts sitting in my old personal email inbox and I forwarded them all over to my Shoeboxed account, which helps build up that number.

Aggregate online and offline receipts in Shoeboxed

My spending by shoebox over time

You can see how the breakdown of your spending changes over time with this graph. You can pick and choose which shoeboxes you want to appear on the graph too, so you can easily compare whichever shoeboxes you want.

How does your spending compare over time?

Be sure to check out how your own spending statistics look! You may learn something about where your money goes. If you have any other suggestions for analytics that you would like to have in your account, let us know. We are happy to work on any tool that you think you would find useful.

The great thing about this page is that all the graphs are automatically generated. Just using your Shoeboxed account normally, your graphs should take on lives of their own. Not only are you scanning and storing your receipts at Shoeboxed, but Shoeboxed is actually putting those receipts to work for you.

Let’s get started!

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