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Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Product Updates | 11 comments

Our New QuickBooks Online Integration is Here

Our New QuickBooks Online Integration is Here

Do you use QuickBooks Online with Shoeboxed? Well, we’ve got some great news for you! We’re thrilled to announce that our brand new integration with QuickBooks Online is live and available for use in your online account.

The updated integration features a brand new app that connects Shoeboxed with QuickBooks Online using our new API, which is awesome because:

  • You don’t need to wait for the export to complete! We’ll email you when it’s done (or if there were any errors) so you can get back to your to-do list in the meantime.
  • We now keep track of which receipts you’ve already exported, so no reason to worry about sending duplicates.
  • There’s no more manual syncing with your Chart of Accounts – just pick the receipts you want to export and we’ll remember the rest. We’ll sync automatically when you connect with QuickBooks Online and re-sync each time you start an export.
  • As always, we automagically remember what vendors and payment types you’ve used in the past so that future exports take less time.

Overall, it’s a simpler and more reliable way to quickly get all of your receipt data into QuickBooks Online!

Like our new CSV and PDF export options, the new QuickBooks Online integration starts from your receipt table. For step-by-step instructions, visit the article on our Help Desk.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.16.18 PM

Stay tuned for future updates to our integration with QuickBooks Online, including more advanced management features for your Chart of Accounts and better handling of errors.

If you have any questions or feedback on the new integration, you can reach us 24/7 at or on Twitter at @ShoeboxedHelp.

  • Knipfty

    I’m still waiting for you to reestablish your connection to Freshbooks…

  • Emily at Shoeboxed

    Thanks for the feedback. :) We’ll definitely post an update if and when we move forward with a new integration with FreshBooks.

  • Euge

    Its about time :)
    Is there a quick and easy way to check whether all your supplier (COGS) transactions in Quickbooks match with scanned invoices in Shoeboxed account. I have scanned a bunch of my business receipts and supplier invoices, but not sure if I missed any transactions. The only way i could find that out if I will match to transactions in Quickbooks (as these transactions are pulled from my web-banking). Thanks!

  • Emily at Shoeboxed

    There’s unfortunately no way in QuickBooks to match transactions to invoices. In Shoeboxed, however, you can use our new filters to show documents that haven’t yet been exported to QuickBooks, so that way you ensure that all of your invoices have been sent over.

  • Euge

    What if i already have transactions in quickbooks from previous years and i want to match them to scanned receipts/invoices in Shoeboxed database. Whats the best way to proceed in this case? Thank you.

  • GlasgowChurch

    What if we are running QB Enterprise. Is there no way to connect?

  • Emily at Shoeboxed

    Exporting those receipts/invoices from Shoeboxed to QuickBooks will create new entries in the Expenses section– there will be no way to match them with already-entered transactions.

  • Emily at Shoeboxed

    Unfortunately this integration will only work with QuickBooks Online.

  • Daren Wang

    Hi Emily–I set up a trial of Quickbooks Online, but found that Quickbooks Self Employed is a better fit, so I switched. I can’t get my shoeboxed account to talk with it, though. Does Shoeboxed support Self Employed?

  • Emily at Shoeboxed

    Unfortunately the integration only works with QuickBooks Online, not Self Employed.

  • bhavana

    Hi Emily: Will there eventually be support for QB Self-Employed, or is this something that is unlikely to happen?