Over the past few months the Shoeboxed team has been hard at work speaking with users and coming up with new ideas to make our product more useful than ever. The feedback we received has been phenomenal and we want you all to keep it coming our way!

With that being said, we’re pleased to announce that starting this week we will be testing out a new Beta Reports section in the Shoeboxed dashboard.


The Beta Reports section will allow users to create customized expense reports based off a selected date range and a set of categories. Users will then be directed to specify an email address to send the report to, as well as select whether they want the report to be a .PDF or an Excel Spreadsheet (similar to current expense report uploads).

Our goal with Beta Reports is to make the process of creating an expense report fast and effortless. As with any Beta, we will continually be adding features to make it more useful. If you have any specific feedback of features you would like to see added with reports, please be sure to let us know.