No Worries Google, We’ve Got it Covered

Oh, Google. The word just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It’s always there, always ready to help. The friend you never had, but always wanted. I was content with just a search engine, but Google just continues to pump out more and more web applications. It’s what makes life worth living.

Gmail is one of the company’s most successful offshoots with an unmatched cult following (excluding the beanie baby craze of ’96, of course). And as with many of its projects, Google incorporates useful applications into its web-mail service. Specifically, its spam prevention puts both Yahoo and Hotmail’s services to shame. Another fun feature is how attachments automatically open with the mail – when I get family photos from my mom, I have no choice but to look at them. Sweet.

But regardless of the improvements, spammers have worked against Google to find a creative way into our email accounts! Temporarily set-back by Google’s innovative technology, spammers changed the way they send junk mail. Back in 2005, 99% of spam was sent in simple text format. As Gmail filters were able to cut down on the unwanted messages its users received, spammers began embedding spam messages into emails as attached images. And just like mom’s photos, they show up when the mail is opened! The convenience of having attachments load effortlessly was hindered.

Since Gmail technology cannot yet decipher a lot of spam that is encoded as an image, users’ mailboxes grew cluttered once again. Since 2005, this type of spam has grown from 1% to 21%. With no way to stop this form of junk mail, users can only press the “Report Spam” button above the e-mail.

Looks like Shoeboxed has one up on Google. Whoa. That’s awesome.

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