If you’ve been using Shoeboxed for awhile, it can be easy to forget that Shoeboxed isn’t just about scanning receipts. There’s a lot to Shoeboxed, and I’d like to point out some of my favorite things about the site over the next couple of days on the blog.

So, without further adieu:

Using Shoeboxed will revolutionize how you track expenses. Here’s some of the many wonderful things you can do with your new account:

1. Build a comprehensive view of your spending habits when you add images of your receipts, use your new account, [username]@shoeboxed.com, to shop, or even mail in your receipts and have us scan them
2. Use a flexible new filing system of shoeboxes to budget and see how you are spending your money
3. Prepare your expense reports, taxes, and insurance claims faster and more easily
4. Share Shoeboxed receipts when you invite friends and coworkers to win a free t-shirt

If you’re just getting to know Shoeboxed, poke around our site for awhile. If you’re a veteran, treat this as just a reminder of all the great features we have. Sometimes its hard to remember they’re all there!

It saves time and money!