Let’s face it: you’re likely at least a little unhappy with your website’s name. Like many business owners, you might have registered a less-than-ideal .com or .net because your first choice was taken. Instead of TopClassChairs.com you had to settle for GreatSeatsforYourLivingRoom.com because it was the closest domain name available.

Now, your customers sort of get the idea, and you came up with an OK compromise – but it was just that, a compromise. You didn’t get what you wanted, and your business might even have suffered for it when potential customers couldn’t find you online.

What if we told you that was changing? Starting now, you can enhance your current web presence and expose your business to countless more customers around the Web?

Say hello to new domain name extensions!

Say Hello to What?

For years every website has had one of a few domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, or a domain name ending like .it if you happen to register a domain in Italy. When websites were new and everybody and their grandma didn’t own at least three domain names, this worked just fine.

But the supply of short, easy-to-remember domain names began to run dry. ICANN, the association that governs Internet naming conventions, recognized this and recently announced the release of hundreds of new domain extensions. These domain extensions (the part that goes after the “.”) are Internet game-changers. With all these new choices available, we’re about to see an explosion of websites with targeted extensions like .lawyer, .barcelona, and .cafe.

So if you decide you want to expand your web presence, you now have some real options. TopClassChairs.furniture, maybe, or TopClassChairs.shop tells anyone clicking on the link exactly what they’re in for.

Here are some more examples:

Business: Anything related to a vertical or industry. Includes .app, .shop, .ventures, and .lawyer.

Local: For websites that are specific in some way to geographical regions, like a state agency or even a travel agency. Includes .tokyo, .irish, and .africa.

Community: Any group, community, or other gathering of people who want to congregate. Includes .fitness, .tennis, and .club.

Generic: There are tons of extensions that don’t fall under a specific group. Includes .fun, .free, .ninja, and .win.

And that’s just the beginning! There are many, many more to come.

How to Get Started

Interested in learning more? We can do a little better than that. We know your business needs to get out there to the masses, and a great domain name is the first step of many. If you’re tired of sending prospects to a dull domain name, head on over to the GoDaddy Extensions Page.

There you can see a huge list of the new extensions, pick your favorites, and even pre-register them before they actually launch. Soon you’ll no longer be contending with a long, boring or hard-to-recall domain name.

Your customers are trying to find you on the Web. GoDaddy has your back.

This guest post is courtesy of GoDaddy® contributing writer Jennifer Dunn. As the Web’s top platform for small businesses, GoDaddy can help you easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run your own venture.