Shoeboxed Organized Fridays: “How can I stop procrastinating?”

Every week on Organized Fridays, we speak with organizational guru Samantha Bennett of The Organized Artist Company, and ask her some of your most burning organizational questions (and you know you have them).

This week, Ellen writes:

“Dear Samantha,
I don’t have a problem with organization – once I get around to it. How can I stop procrastinating?”

Ellen P.
Austin, TX

Top 7 Ways to Save Time and Get Organized

If money is time, than if we save time, we make money, right? At least, we’ll have the free time to decide whether or not we’d like to make more money (or whether we’d rather just hit the beach). But if you’re already coming up short with the given 24 hours, how are you supposed to save time short of petitioning the world for a 36-hour day?

The truth is, you don’t have to find hours of additional time per day in order to save time, get organized, and make a difference in your quality of life. Mere minutes a day adds up to hours of extra time each year – hours that you can do whatever you want with! And isn’t that kind of free time what we’re all looking for in the first place?

Here are our Lucky 7 – 7 simple life hacks to save hours of time each year.

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How to Get Organized for Small Business Saturday

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If your small business hasn’t quite figured out how to get organized during the regular shopping season, what’s to become of you on Small Business Saturday? Last year, over 100 million people patronized their local businesses and shopped small on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and even bigger numbers are expected this year.

When everyone is beginning to emerge from their tryptophan and Black Friday-induced food/shopping comas, will your small business be ready?

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