Your home office is in desperate need of some amazing organization ideas. Why? Because there is nothing more potentially distracting than working at home!

Luckily, Shoeboxed has some solutions for you!  These six stellar organization ideas will help you make the most out of your home office, even when you’re still in your pajamas at, um, 3p.m.

1. Get your shelf on

Build up, not out. Shelves can turn even the gnarliest corner into a bonafide workspace. They also save you tons of space, eliminate floor clutter and make it easier to find tools and supplies.

You can also use a shelf for a desk instead of an actual desk, saving even more room and creating a feeling openness in your workspace.

2. Rethink your desk

One of our favorite organization ideas for the home office is using repurposed furniture instead of a traditional desk.

A hallway table with a drop down leaf is a functional desk during the day, and a sophisticated piece of furniture by night!

You can also consider repurposing your wardrobe, vanity or entertainment center and turning it into a work station.

3. Get creative with your real estate

The “office” doesn’t have to be its own room. Consider that corner in the kitchen that gets all the natural light, or that little nook in the dining room that always seems to beckon you…

If sharing workspace with another community room in the house, put up a folding screen to give you privacy – it can easily be removed and can double as a cork board.

4. Pegboard, anyone?

The best organization ideas make every task easier, faster and better. Instead of fumbling through drawers every time you need the stapler, install a large pegboard over your desk or next to your workspace.

Tools can be hung within easy reach, and you’ll always know where the scissors are!

5. Use Mason jars

If you have tools that can’t be easily hung on your pegboard, you can repurpose mason jars to house pens, markers, binder clips, and staples.

Get a bunch in different sizes, and paint them bright colors for an extra punch!

6. Trays aren’t just for TV dinners

Get a desktop tray so you can transfer your “desk” anywhere in the house. You can get a fancy one at any electronics store, or go green and repurpose your old TV dinner tray.

What are your organization ideas for your home office?

image via Flickr