Shoeboxed was born to be a receipt organization service. We’re committed to help everybody organize receipts with as little work as possible – everybody from individuals to small businesses to large corporations.

Because we are so committed to this idea, we are revamping our core organizational function on the site. Shoeboxes were originally designed as folders where you could store your receipts. Toward the end of last year, we introduced everyone to the idea that you could itemize your receipts on Shoebox, and organize those individual purchases in Shoeboxes instead of the whole receipt. But we’ve learned that whole receipts are often what people want to group together, so we are going back to our original functionality to keep it simple, and, I think, more useful.

We made this change based off of feedback from our users. Whenever you have a question, comment, or feature suggestion, please drop us a note at, and we’ll be happy to help. We love getting feedback, and are very open to creating exactly the features that you want on Shoeboxed. It’s all about you, baby.