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With that in mind, Shoeboxed is both pleased and honored to launch a series that spotlights our wonderful users, their success stories and countless ways satisfied Shoeboxed customers worldwide are utilizing our service to stay organized.

Going Green with Electric Vehicles, Going Paperless with Shoeboxed: Perkuna Engineering

“I signed up for Shoeboxed and immediately dealt with all of my receipts in record time, and they were instantly entered into Wave. Beautiful!”

-Kody Baker

Shoeboxed User Kody Baker, PerkunaIntroducing: Kody Baker

Profession: Co-Founder and General Manager of Perkuna Engineering

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Website: www.perkuna.com

Twitter: @Perkuna

LinkedIn: Perkuna Engineering

Shoeboxed: Thanks for chatting with us, Kody, and welcome! Tell us a little bit about how you got started with Perkuna.

Kody Baker: I personally have always dreamt of eventually starting and running an engineering business. I often had brainstorming sessions with friends and colleagues about new venture ideas, but the idea always seemed to be something for the medium- to long-term future. The recent opportunity with Perkuna was one that we did not want to pass up on. We have a core team who are brilliant, dedicated and work well with each-other, as well as initial clients and products.

SBX: It’s awesome that you were able to realize your dream! So what does Perkuna specialize in?

Shoeboxed Small Business Perkuna Engineering

KB: Perkuna Engineering is a newly formed spin-off of a company that was focused ondeveloping and building electric vehicles based on the Ford Escape platform. That company has shifted focus from electric vehicle development to software development, so the engineering department was given a great opportunity to take the hardware business and run with it on their own.

Our team has developed an extensive skillset for the electrical and mechanical development of a variety of electric vehicles, from airport baggage handlers and belt loaders, to full highway speed SUVs with integrated ability to invert power back to a power grid. Going forward, Perkuna will expand its electric powertrain offerings to include EV design and consulting services, field support services, and prototype development and testing services for existing and new markets. It is our collective desire to grow the EV industry in whatever way we can.

SBX: We certainly share an interest in innovating and building new technology! Being a business owner can be such a rewarding experience. What is your favorite part of owning and operating a small business?

KB: The team dynamic has shifted in an interesting way. We are no longer structured as an engineer-> manager->CEO chain of command. As all of the engineers are also co-founders, we are all of a sudden an extremely flat organization. By being accountable to our shareholders, we are accountable to ourselves alone. This has had a fantastic impact in terms of buy-in on business decisions, and everyone is always looking for new opportunities and ideas. It’s also great to have a small, dynamic team that allows us to make quick decisions that suit ourselves, rather than suggesting something up the chain of command.

SBX: We’re a relatively small team too, but we still find that staying organized can be a challenge. How does Perkuna get (and stay) organized?

KB: Shoeboxed has helped us keep track of our start-up costs by integrating with Wave Accounting and having several easy ways to get your receipt information entered systematically. The upfront cost of “free” has been extremely beneficial as we start as well!

SBX: We’d love to hear a bit more about that. Can you tell us a little bit about how you use Shoeboxed with Wave Accounting? What’s the biggest benefit for your business of this integration?

KB: We chose Wave Accounting as our accounting platform of choice because we do not have a dedicated accountant and it seemed like an easy way to track invoicing and expense tracking for a non-accountant. The fact that it was also free and integrated well with our Google Apps setup was also extremely beneficial. I learned about Shoeboxed from a tweet from Wave Accounting and was immediately interested as our receipts were piling up on my desk and we did not yet have a system to track and deal with them. The idea of manually entering these into Excel and then later repeating the entries into Wave seemed tedious and a waste of time. I signed up for Shoeboxed and immediately dealt with all of my receipts in record time, and they were instantly entered into Wave. Beautiful!

SBX: Our goal is to make staying organized as easy as possible, so that’s great to hear! Do you have any tips for other small business owners trying to get organized?

KB:  Tip 1: Google Apps are an excellent starting point for a new business. It’s an amazing starting platform and has a huge selection of free and paid services that plug in easily for all your users.

Tip 2: My recommended initial apps that you should add to your Google Apps because they’re free and functional:

  1. Wave Accounting (for invoicing, keeping track of bank balances, expenses, and payroll)
  2. Shoeboxed (for expense reporting and record keeping)
  3. Crisply (for time tracking)
  4. Comindwork (for project tracking and planning)
  5. Asana (for sales pipeline tracking and group task management)

Tip 3: Spend the saved money on beer for Foosball Friday! As a new small business, everyone in the company will be required to make some sacrifices to make the company grow. Once in a while it’s important to keep things fun!

SBX: Great tips, Kody! Thanks so much for sharing your story and advice, we really appreciate it!

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