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From Faders to Financials: Serena Andrews and Dream Siren Records

“My philosophy is that the more autonomy I have as an artist to manage my career, the smoother and cleaner things go…”

-Serena Andrews

Introducing: Serena Andrews
Profession: musician
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: serenaandrews.com
Personal Blog: love.serenaandrews.com
Twitter: @serenaandrews


About Serena:

Serena Andrews is a New York based solo indie musician who owns her own record label, Dream Siren Records.  The popularity of her Synth/New Wave/80’s influenced music is keeping both her solo career and music production company very busy. Most recently, Serena produced for the annual Record Production Month Challenge, with a record entitled “Do Not Resist” and is now working on a series of live projects with a host of other local electronic musicians.

SBX: How did you come to find a need for Shoeboxed?

SA: Last year I started a tiny record label, Dream Siren Records, to handle the business side of my music. Being small, we needed to keep track of everything that was spent on the business… and without a bookkeeper on staff, it was a bit hectic gathering receipts from meetings, showing expenses, managing online accounts and so forth. Not to mention finding some kind of system of preparing all of this information for tax purposes was a nuisance.

I started researching online looking for cheap data entry services to log all these random receipts; an intern or something! I even looked into buying an expensive special scanner… but realistically, it was the time I needed reclaim. And I’m not exactly smart at categorizing these things myself. Then, I found Shoeboxed, and after reading through the packages on the site I could instantly see that your service would save me time and aggravation. Plus the price was awesomely reasonable.

SBX: Excellent! That’s the kind of feedback we like!

So how has Shoeboxed worked for you? For what do you use it most?

SA: I use Shoeboxed reporting to quickly pull receipts so I can claim tax deductions on software, meals, entertainment, business travel, etc. It’s useful to see the categories where physical cash spending takes place too. For shows, there is a lot of cash exchanged and it’s tougher to track without bank statements to fall back on. I can stay focused on a show or video shoot and just tuck my receipts away with whatever cash I spend or take in. I get home and toss them in the envelope to send off. I don’t even think about it anymore. Plus, I’m a visual person, so once the receipts get entered, I can see the scan right there online to remind me where I was and why it was business related.

SBX: We know there are a variety of services out there that you might have chosen to use (including an intern!), some of which even cater specifically to musicians. What made you choose Shoeboxed?

SA: I had some questions about whether my receipts could be shredded, so I called customer service, and that sealed the deal. Trevor was super friendly and treated me like a real human being. Moreover, he treated my business like a real business, even though we’re small. We figured out a paperless solution, and he even checked up on me by email to make sure everything worked.

SBX: Do you have any advice for someone who may be considering using Shoeboxed?

SA: I highly recommend Shoeboxed for touring musicians and bands, as well as studio artists and session musicians. I love the world we live in where my studio, office and label can all be in my laptop, and my finished music can be delivered globally… instantly. It makes total sense for that to carry through to the way I handle the financial side too. Indie people invest so much into their work… and though being above board on bookkeeping may seem boring at first, it’s helpful to see it all in numbers… just how much blood, sweat and tears you’re putting in.

SBX: Well all of your hard work certainly does not go unnoticed around Shoeboxed HQ! We’ll be anxiously awaiting your next tour stop down in NC!

Thank you, Serena!

Shoeboxed would like to extend a special thank you to Serena for both her time and willingness to be the first of many featured success stories on our blog. We’re thrilled that Shoeboxed allows Serena more time to focus on her solo career and record label, not on the paperwork that comes with it!

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Until then, stay tuned… and stay organized!