Your Business Transaction Guide: Definition, Types, and Examples

A business transaction can be as simple as a cash purchase or as complex as a long-term service contract. Read more to find out different types of transactions applicable to your business.

Business transactions are a crucial aspect of every business. Without it, a business may not know its position at a particular period of time. This article will give you a formal definition of a business transaction, its different types, and examples of typical business transactions. 

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Shoeboxed vs. Expensify: Which One Is for You?

We compare features, integrations, and pricing so you can decide which app fits your business best.

Whether you’re self-employed or a business owner, choosing the perfect accounting software for your business is crucial.

There are countless software and apps on the market with different features, pricing, details, and much more to consider. And not everyone has time to test dozens of solutions.

That’s why we came up with a complete comparison between the top choices for receipt tracking and expense management software: Shoeboxed vs. Expensify

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The History of the Receipt

How receipts transformed from simple cuneiform tablets to detailed digital documents. Plus, don’t miss our cool infographic at the end of the article!

According to Green America’s Skip the Slip report, receipt paper production consumes 3 million trees and 9 million gallons of water in the U.S. every year!

It’s no secret that receipts are terrible for the environment, however, in the business world, they’re unavoidable. Luckily, as eReceipts and receipt tracker apps like Shoeboxed become the standard, we are increasingly less dependent on those small slips of paper.

But how did these little pieces of paper come to be? Today, we’ll be taking a deep-dive into the history of receipts. Keep reading as we look into how receipts transformed from simple cuneiform tablets to detailed digital documents.

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