4.01.07, A Mile-Marker

Some team members haven’t slept in days. Some team members have tried to sleep but have been woken up by other jealous teammates.

April 1st was an ambitious goal and we’re going to make it. Thanks for all the support. We’re glad you’re as excited as we are.

Phase 1 is finally here. At this point we’re beginning closed beta testing (read: only for our dorky friends). But you’re next. Stay tuned to the blog for updates and sign up to receive an email when we fully launch if you want to be the first to know.

>>> Correction: We are now live! Sign up today for free organization of all your receipts!

It’s your life. You deserve to be in control.

What’s school work?

Edit: fixed links & added Sbx status correction 9/10/07 – MTR

4.01.07 Party!

Word association. GO!

shoeboxed. dot com. pom-pom. cheer. bring it on! game time. aggressive. baseball bat. pinata. PARTY!

When I think shoeboxed, I think party. And apparently I’m not alone.

There’s a real buzz on campus. People have seen some fliers, gone to the site, and want to know more. Admittedly, the homepage gives little information about the future of shoeboxed.com, other than alluding to our upcoming start date and beta testing. A brief digression: for those of you who don’t already know, many websites begin by allowing a limited number of select users to test their site and its features. Shoeboxed won’t be an exception. Starting April 1st, beta testing will help improve the backbone of the shoeboxed website. Security is our number one priority, and general users will enjoy the comfort of this feature from the start.

But not everyone knows the term “beta”. I mean that’s cool. I’m not judging. Alex, our Brazilian marketing team member, used to think “beagle” means “bagel”. But it was made especially clear that my friend didn’t know what beta testing is when she invited me to a Shoeboxed-themed Beta Theta Pi party. What do you even say to that? I certainly had more questions than answers, starting with “do you know that’s not a party?”, “what kind of theme is that?!” and “what am I going to wear?!” The expression on her face was one of utter disappointment when she found out that no such party would be thrown, and that it was only a website that was looking to change the world.

But I do think she’s right. If anyone could pull off a shoeboxed themed party, it would be Beta.

The Hunt For a Secure Webhost

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much experience choosing a secure data center to host a website. I leave that task up to our experienced founders, programmers, and other computer-literate team members. But I must say, the process is fascinating.

It’s like when you’re going out of town and you need to find a place for your dog to stay. You want a kennel where it’ll be safe, and happy–but let’s get real, it is a dog. You don’t have all that much money. I mean you hope the thing gets fed and walked, but you also hope you have enough cash left over to buy one of those sweet XL sombreros from Mexico. So you spend some time calling around to different kennels and asking some basic questions. Will Sparky see the light of day during his stay? Is his cage big enough for him to both stand and lay down? Will he be fed daily? The type of questions that any responsible and concerned owner would ask. But in shopping around, you’ll inevitably run into that one kennel–the one that offers your dog daily massages, dog bowls of Perrier, nightly “Yappy hour” social mixers, and one-on-one bedtime stories in the evening. “Welcome to The Lakeside Lofts at Kennelpark Manor, where trust, commitment and loving care will make your dog’s stay here just PAW-fect!”. You’re pretty sure they’re serious, and you’re pretty sure you just threw up in your mouth a little.

Believe it or not, we found the “Lakeside Lofts at Kennelpark Manor” of web hosts. The following is an excerpt from the section that outlines their security features:

“From the basics, such as 24/7/365 security and onsite network monitoring; to the advanced, such as strategically placed biometric palm and thumb scanners, extensive use of physical man traps, dual authentication access doors, and a state-of-the-art Altronix powered …”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop the train. Man traps? Does anyone know what that means? That was actually a rhetorical question, because I wikipedia-ed it. Although I still can’t tell you how or what these traps do, I do know that man traps that use deadly force are illegal in the United States. Looks like we’re going to have to look beyond the border. Good news is the more popular definition refers to the title of a season 1 episode from the original Star Trek series. There’s a joke there, but I’m too tired to look for it.

If someone has some advice for a good data center, it would be greatly appreciated–but at least for now, the search continues. Although I should probably mention, at this point, I’m much more interested in searching for the meaning of “Man Traps”. That might have to be a personal quest.Updates to come.