Though we like to treat you right and surprise you with fancy graphs and sophisticated tracking tools, we also like to listen to you. Probably our most requested feature is something a little less flashy (literally and figuratively), and we’re happy to announce that it is finally here.

(See, I told you we’d be rolling out features faster than ever after we upgraded our back-end architecture.)

What is called Browser History Management will now make it a lot easier to organize your receipts, as the website will remember what page in your receipt table you were working on when you are viewing your individual receipt.

So when you click a row in your receipt table, you will be taken to the individual receipt page as always. Now when you navigate back to the receipt table, you will be on the same page (and not set by default to the first page), the number of receipts you were viewing will be the same as before (and not set back to the default of 15 receipts).

Seems simple, but several of you that I talked to on the phone told me that it was annoying when you were trying to organize receipt in order when you kept getting sent back to a table with only your 15 most recent receipts. We got it on our features list and got it implemented right away.

Let me know if you have any other ideas. I’m happy to get them on our features list for you.