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Posted by on Aug 20, 2007 in Uncategorized | 5 comments

Paper Receipts? Digital Receipts? It’s All Good.

Here at Shoeboxed we have become quite passionate about receipts. We think they are awesome. In fact, we are quite sure the man who invented them is severely under-appreciated, whoever he was.

Receipts are the diary of the lazy. If you won’t tell a story, your receipts will do it for you. Your receipt of Bed Bath & Beyond a week before your first year in college says you were excited and anxious and completely delusional about the size of your dorm room. Your receipt for a new wardrobe says you were ready to take on the big city and look good while doing it. Your receipt for a tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream, two bottles of hair color, and bubble bath salts remind you of a particularly bad break-up.

Because we know receipts are more than just pieces of paper that litter the streets  (which reminds us, please recycle), Shoeboxed is happy to introduce our paper Receipt Uploader. Now all receipts, paper and digital, big and small, can be treated as equals.

Your e-mail receipts will come to Shoeboxed in exactly the same way. Nothing has changed about the old way Shoeboxed worked. Just give online stores your “” e-mail address whenever you buy something online or sign up for a mailing list. Receipts and e-mails will come directly to your Shoeboxed account.

But now all those receipts lying around your home and stuffing your purse can now join the party, too. Just scan in or take a digital picture of your receipts. Then use the Receipt Uploader to put them directly onto the list you already have going on your My Receipts page.

We don’t think there’s a better way to get your purchase history in one place. It’s never been easier, and there are lots of new features coming along in the near future that we think are pretty awesome, so keep an eye out!

  • Jose

    Honestly…this is amazing!
    I lov it..I lov it.
    I lov soheboxed.

  • patricia

    This is a serious addiction!
    I will be shoeboxing crazily with my old receipts.

  • rstlne

    Would you consider allowing editing the date on uploaded receipts? I scanned in some receipts from months ago and added them but they all show up under today’s date.

  • rstlne

    I have a few more questions, actually.

    At what DPI do you recommend that receipts be scanned? 300 DPI may be a waste unless the receipt is going to be reprinted later on.

    Will you provide a HTML file upload form as an alternative? The Java uploader starts pretty slowly.

  • Stillonmt

    PDF uploads would be good. A lot of documents are scanned into pdf and a lot of web sites allow you to print a receipt. When we can print directly to pdf we are saving a step of scanning.