Happy National Small Business Week, small business owners and entrepreneurs! Ever since President John F. Kennedy first signed the presidential proclamation in favor of Small Business Week in 1963, this national holiday has been recognized far and wide across the United States and is celebrated on a yearly basis. This year the festivities begin this week from May 12th through May 16th.

Throughout the week, various speakers and seminars will be presenting in a few select cities (San Francisco, Kansas City, Boston and Washington, D.C.). If you’re someone who gets especially excited about Small Business Week, but you don’t live in or close to any of the selected cities, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! Here’s how you can keep up with National Small Business Week online.

1) The SBA website is your best friend.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is your ultimate resource during National Small Business Week with a special site created for everyone to browse through and follow along. On the site you can locate (on the home page, and under the Schedule tab) links, instructions, and times to tune into live feeds of the conference. Be sure to check out the schedule to see which speakers you especially don’t want to miss.

 2) Join in on the conversation.

With any big event these days, there is a designated hashtag. This year, the National Small Business Week hashtag is #SBW2014. Tweet with it on Twitter to see how people react to the events in real time, check out any and all small business discussions on Facebook, and take a look at any cool event photos by searching the hashtag on Instagram. Hashtags are great for conferences like these because you get to be a part of a larger conversation with people you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to communicate with. Connect with fellow small business lovers all over America this week; all you need is the secret password (hint: #SBW2014).

3) Continue learning even after the events are over.

Just because National Small Business Week comes to an end doesn’t mean the celebration, or the learning and discussion, needs to end too! Just in time for National Small Business Week, Facebook has announced the new release of Small Business Bootcamps. The social platform came to the realization that a fair amount of their site users include small business pages. To help celebrate small business, they’re offering “boot camp” seminars to educate small business owners on how to best utilize Facebook to grow their businesses.

What a wonderful time we live in that National Small Business Week can be accessible to any small business enthusiast in the United States! But why stop there? If we can attend NSBW from the comforts of our cubicles, then we can learn about and grow our entire business from the very same place. By taking advantage of things like Small Business Boot Camps, we’re truly pushing our businesses to their full potential.

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