Shoeboxed is excited to announce its official Earth Day initiative. As you all know, we strive to be a green company, and have made tremendous efforts in the past few weeks in and out of the office to build on our already strong commitment to earth-friendliness.

Our latest development is a receipt recycling drive starting on Earth Day, this upcoming Tuesday April 22nd. Shoeboxed invites all businesses and individuals to submit paper receipts to us through April 29th. All the receipts we receive will eventually be transported by foot, bike, scooter, or Toyota Prius to the local recycling plant.

If you help us achieve our goal to recycle a tree’s worth of receipts (58 kilograms), we’ll even scan all receipts and load them into your free Shoeboxed account for you before recycling them. That’s a pretty sweet deal, as this service usually costs $19.95 per month.

When you are sending in your receipts, make sure to include your name, email address, and phone number in an envelope with your receipts.

Digitize receipts. Save the Earth. Shoebox everyday.