Prepping Your Receipts for Scanning

You don’t have to scan receipts yourself here at Shoeboxed. That much seems obvious at this point. We finally give you the option to get rid of the stress of scanning and organizing your receipts by just putting them in an envelope.

Some of our Mail-In users have asked a couple of questions about the best way to prep their documents for scanning, and I just wanted to go ahead and answer them on the blog. So here is a list of things to keep in mind before sending in your receipts to be scanned. These will allow your receipts to be scanned and uploaded into your account as quickly as possible.

  • Please flatten all receipts as best you can. Remember they are going through a scanner, so bundling them or wadding them is generally unwise.
  • Please tape any tears in your receipts. Torn receipts might not make it through our scanners correctly.
  • Please remove all staples and paper clips that may be attached to your receipts.
  • Please make sure that your envelope closes securely after you have put the receipts in. This make sure that it does not open or rip during the mailing process.
  • If you are a Receipt Mail-In Express user, you may separate your receipts into subcategories. We will then make sure that those categories remain. For Receipt Mail-In Basic and Receipt Mail-In Classic, your receipts will be processed as one batch only.

I hope this helps. If anyone has any other tips or tricks that you use to keep your receipts ready for scanning, let us know. We just want to be able to scan your receipts as quickly as possible!