This guest post is brought to you by Bench, the online accountants that use your Shoeboxed receipts to build you tax-ready financial statements.

Taxes are confusing, time-consuming, and sometimes even scary. Unfortunately, they’re also unavoidable (note to Wesley Snipes). While we can’t change the latter, we can give you the resources you need to make this your easiest tax year yet.

We’re thrilled to share The Bench Tax Handbook with you this tax season!

As we get closer to April 15, we wanted to provide small business owners with an interactive and engaging way to successfully navigate through tax season. While there is no substitute to talking with a professional, there is definitely a better option than poring over the IRS website – and that’s what we’ve provided.

The Bench Tax Handbook has everything small business owners need to know – from important tax deadlines, to how to file for an extension (and what happens if you miss the deadline). And it’s also fun to look at. We know that tax season can be stressful, but Shoeboxed and Bench are making it easier.

So if you want to have your best tax year yet, go ahead and check out the The Bench Tax Handbook.

Happy Tax Season!