It’s happened to all of us. You squint awake in the bright morning sunshine, wondering “What happened last night?” A zillion tiny hammers pound inside your skull while your shaking hands reach reflexively for the aspirin. Your next thought is a solemn promise to yourself to never, ever, ever let that happen again. Sure, it was fun to push it to the limit, but the morning after is so not worth it.

Yes, almost all of us have woken up with that post-Tax Day hangover.

The (Tax) Hangover
Did you look like this the morning after tax day?

During the year, it’s easy to put off tracking your business income and expenses, dealing with receipts, entering your financial records into accounting software, and just gene-
rally taking care of tax preparation. Most of us promise ourselves the day after a particularly brutal Tax Day that we’ll never let that happen again. Of course, the headache wears off and the months start to fly by…

Coffee, a greasy breakfast, Red Bull and apples… we all have our hangover cures. But the best prevention for a hangover? No devil-may-care binge at all! Instead of ignoring your business finances until April 14th, sign up for accounts with Outright and Shoeboxed and let us help you prepare for taxes all year long – on auto-pilot!

Outright imports all of your businesses’ financial information from your bank accounts, credit cards and PayPal, making it a snap to keep up with income and expenses and fill out your Schedule C come tax time. Plus, Outright allows you to monitor your business’s financial health all year long – with easy-to-understand visual reports and no pesky data entry.

Shoeboxed scans your receipts and then extracts the data from them, so you have all you need for taxes, bookkeeping and expense reports. More importantly, in case you are audited and need to prove an expense, bank statements are sometimes not enough. No worries! When you store your receipts in Shoeboxed, they are put in a searchable, online, IRS-accepted archive – forever.

Together, Outright and Shoeboxed keep you prepared for taxes all season long, so you never have to experience the terrible, horrible, post-tax hangover ever again. Don’t wake up squinting into the sun, cursing the little chirping birds. Sign up with Outright and Shoeboxed today!