Privacy and Security Review

Here is a review of what we do to make sure your data is safe and secure. As long as you keep your password safe, Shoeboxed protects your data so it can only be viewed and accessed by you. Shoeboxed uses 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, the same security that major bank websites use. Additionally, Shoeboxed does not store the personally identifiable information that would be required for someone to steal your identity. We do not store credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or social security numbers. Unlike other finance websites online, we never even see any of your financial information other than the receipts you put in your account.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

Your data is backed up every 24 hours by remote servers, so even if sometime terrible were to happen to Shoeboxed’s offices, you would still have your information available online. Indeed, a wiped hard drive is one of the major dangers of storing your receipt information on your personal computer.

There are some other things that you can do to make sure that your Shoeboxed account is safe as well. These are just some general tips about how to stay safe online.

  1. Never share your Shoeboxed password with anyone
  2. Keep your password in a safe place
  3. Create a password that is complex, including letters, numbers, and special characters
  4. Make sure you have virus protection software and a firewall on your computer when you log in to Shoeboxed
  5. If you export your receipt data using one of our export tools, make sure to keep those files in safe and secure location.