I just wanted to welcome two people to the Shoeboxed team. Nothing really counts until you blog about it, and I felt like we should at least talk about them. And now, without further adieu, I introduce Radu Rosu and Tobi Walter.

Radu brings tons of experience and a sense of humor that’s, well, Romanian. He was a senior developer for Extensibility, a local company that sold for $100 million in late-nineties tech boom. Most recently, he was a project manager and consultant for Eloquentix, another local company. There, he did development work with John Deere, GE, Radarfind and MyStoreRewards, among others. Bringing extensive experience in web development and online security, Radu is a perfect fit for developing Shoeboxed.

Tobi’s doing our finances, but also does a lot for business development and marketing, and we’re very excited he’s back with us full time after just finishing up business school. Tobi studied business administration at top private business schools in Germany, France and the United States. Having gained extensive knowledge of investment banking through 12 months working in capital markets for Société Générale in Paris and experience in mergers and acquisitions at Morgan Stanley in Frankfurt, Tobi joined studiVZ.net, now the largest website in continental Europe, in 2006. Acting as vice president for international markets, Tobi planned, implemented and supervised the company’s roll out to eight foreign markets, leading a team of 60 people and managing a one-digit million Euro budget. The company now has an English-language version that you can check out, meinVZ.net.

Welcome, guys!