Raleigh-Durham: Business Magnet

The fact that Duke University is so quaintly located in Durham, NC was probably a deterrent for most students who were considering enrolling. However, four years later, chances are that this average Duke student will proudly claim their loyalty to Durham and display no sign of regret. The area is simply awesome.

Corporations, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is considering a job in business: consider the Raleigh-Durham metro area. This year, Forbes Magazine, everyone’s go-to source for financial literature and rankings, chose Raleigh-Durham as the number one best place for business and careers in the United States. Entrepreneur.com rated the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area as the third best metro area for entrepreneurs, and allbusiness.com declared the area as the best in the nation for female entrepreneurs.

The Raleigh Economic Development group sums up the appeal of the triangle area:

A growing number of companies (from start-ups to the Fortune 250) are choosing to locate their corporate headquarters here in Raleigh. Why? They’ve found a dynamic hub of technology and innovation that puts them in the heart of world-class academic institutions and pioneering research. They know they can count on a highly skilled workforce, and the quality of life makes recruiting a breeze.

Further evidence in support of the Raleigh-Durham region can be found in a new legislative document, Article 3J. Designed to better the business climate in the area, Article 3J will give us significant breaks on taxes through credits. Basically, job creation and investment in business property will be eased through tax credits. As a thank you for migration into the area by multiple corporations, the triangle has put together multiple public financing, human capital development, and public investment mechanisms to make our lives easier.

So you might want to listen to Forbes, Money, FORTUNE, and the Employment review when they say that the triangle area is the number one place for people to live and work in America.