Filling out expense reports can be a costly hassle. Business travelers have to track and convert expenses to get reimbursed. There are many methods of dealing with the annoyance we all call expense reports: costly executive assistants, time-consuming Excel expense log-sheets, expensive scanners, and, of course, Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In. But only one of these options is both cheap and easy.

For a year, Shoeboxed will scan your receipts for $19.95/month, leaving you with basically no work to do.

One great thing about Mail-In is that it’s so simple. Put receipts in the envelope, seal, and send. You will have easy-to-use access to all of your expenditures in your Shoeboxed account. When expense report time comes around, you will be prepared to deal with it!

Who said expense reports couldn’t be cheap and easy?

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