Well, the first batch of receipts has arrived in our office, and we are putting our long-planned scanning system into place. Pretty soon we will be zipping along scanning more receipts that I can count. I think the only thing missing right now is a boom box with some high-energy tunes to keep the energy up.

This is really cool to watch this project come together, especially with all the support we have received from people. Some want it for their own personal organization, and are looking to have more time doing other things that they care about. We have also received a lot of e-mails from excited users who are happy that tax season will finally be easier this year.

Others have found the idea of Shoeboxed Mail-In intriguing because it is a really easy way to catalog everything you own. Lots of insurance policies will make you prove what you own before they can reimburse you for things that get damaged or lost. We’re not promising that you’ll be happy when your house burns down, but at least you’ll be able to get a decent amount of money back.

I hope your house doesn’t burn down, though. Seriously.

Anyway, a lot of small business owners are looking for a good receipt organizer too. Nicco Mele, one of my favorite users, sent me this great comment the other day:

I’m the founder of a small (30 employee) technology company and I have a serious receipts problem. I would love to participate in the initial program [of Shoeboxed Mail-In]. i’d be willing to go on the record, too, about my need for the service and my willingness to pay a monthly fee for the service. It’s a no-brainer even at a relatively high price point.

So whether you’re an individual trying to save time (and maybe a little money) or a small business that is trying to spend more time actually running your company rather than spending forever getting organized, Shoeboxed Mail-In can definitely help. Who’s excited for January, when Shoeboxed Mail-In is available to everyone?

If you’re ready for Shoeboxed Mail-In and would like to be notified when we launch to the public in January, send me an email at help@team.shoeboxed.com.